CMA project, a fishing success

Wednesday 21 January, 2009
The drought isn't stopping the fish biting in the Goulburn River near Thornton this summer.

The drought isn't stopping the fish biting in the Goulburn River near Thornton this summer.

Thanks to in-stream habitat improvement works undertaken by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GB CMA), anglers are enjoying increased catch rates at several popular access points between Eildon and Alexandra.

Funded by the Victorian Government using Recreational Fishing Licence fees, these enhancement works have been hailed a success by the many anglers visiting the sites.

One fly fisherman, Gary Hinch, said there is definitely an increase in fish. The rocks placed on the edge of the water (known as Groynes) have reduced the velocity of flow against the bank which attracts the fish.

"It's not only the slower moving water that attracts them, but they also like to hide behind the boulders that have been placed in the water by the GB CMA," said Mr Hinch.

Another fisherman who has been fishing this part of the Goulburn River for 30 years, Ian Maxwell, said it is a lot easier to access the river because the banks are no longer sloppy from stock accessing the water.

"The GB CMA have made it easier to access the river by controlling stock access to the water, it is no longer eroding," said Mr Maxwell.

Geoff Hall from the Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing Centre said he congratulates the GB CMA on the works which have proved to be beneficial and successful.

"The Goulburn River now has the structures in place for the populations of fish to increase, which will hopefully attract enthusiastic fisherman creating a tourism boom for the area."

Christine Glassford Upper Goulburn Waterways Team Leader at the GB CMA said signs are soon to be erected at each of the angler access points to display local fishing information, including the location of in-stream enhancement works and accessible public land along the river banks.

"A complimentary fishing guide is currently being developed, which will contain a Goulburn River map identifying the 18 GB CMA improved angler access points."

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