Ballot held for projects for funding through Farm Water Program Round Two

Wednesday 8 February, 2012
A ballot was held today to determine which of the 249 projects submitted for funding through Round Two of the Farm Water Program will progress to the assessment and approval stage.

A ballot was held today to determine which of the 249 projects submitted for funding through Round Two of the Farm Water Program will progress to the assessment and approval stage.

The Farm Water Program provides funding to irrigators to achieve farm water savings by modernising their irrigation infrastructure, with the at least half the water being transferred to the state or federal environmental water holder.

Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (CMA), on behalf of its consortium partners, received $25.1 million of funding from the Commonwealth Government’s On Farm Irrigation Efficiency Program in July 2011.

 An additional $43.7 million of funding from the State Priority Projects initiative became available in October 2011. Almost 300 applications for the additional funding were received by the closing date of 20th December 2011.

“Local irrigators are very keen to be involved in this program and as a result this round was oversubscribed,” Goulburn Broken CMA CEO Chris Norman said.

“Irrigators are attracted to the scheme because of its dual benefits. The funding helps irrigators in the region improve farm water-use efficiency and half the water saved as a result of these works is returned to the environment to boost river health.”

The ballot was undertaken by auditor MB+M.

“Any projects not initially falling within the available funding cut-off point will remain in ballot order,” Mr Norman said. “If projects are withdrawn in the course of the assessment and approval process these ‘reserve’ projects move up the ballot order and may be funded.”

Irrigators will be contacted about the result of their project in the ballot in the next week or so.

Mr Norman said the Farm Water Program consortium was confident there would be future funding rounds for farm water efficiency projects.

“I therefore encourage irrigators who either did not apply for this round - or who miss out on funding this time - to make sure their Whole Farm Plan accurately reflects the activities they are seeking funding for,” he said.

“It’s very important that the Whole Farm Plan and the design submitted match with the project detail.

“It’s a good idea to revisit your current Whole Farm Plan, check your NVIRP connections agreement and seek advice from irrigation designers and contractors.

“The timeframes for delivering this program are always tight so we are looking for projects that can start as soon as we get the funding green light.”

For more information on the Goulburn Broken CMA-led consortium Farm Water Program, please visit www.gbcma.vic.gov.au


Please contact Farm Water Program Communications Officer Fiona Lloyd on 0407875376 or email fional@gbcma.vic.gov.au


ballota feb 2012 - MB+M auditor Katrina Hinchliffe and GBCMA board member Murray Chapman

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