Land & Soil Health Documents and Resources

Land Health Strategy

Goulburn Broken Catchment Land Helath Strategy - 2017 to 2020

Case Studies

 Erosion To Production     Planning Gives More

Striking A Balance         Succession In Action

Workshop & Field Day Resources

Glenaroua Soil & Fertility Field Day

Organic Matters & Animal Health by Dr Ian Holmes

Organic amendments & soil organic matter: The what, the how and the when by Dr Cassandra Schefe

Extract from Mackinnon Newsletter - November 2012:  Poultry Litter

Nicole Masters:  Transition processes from chemical to biological farming - Nov 2013

Nicole Masters:  Teaming with microbes presentation - Nov 2013

Nicole Masters:  Soil health handout - Nov 2013

Broadford healthy soils healthy food field day handout - 28 September 2012

Strathbogie soil pit field day handout - 28 May 2012

Goulburn Broken CMA Land Health Documents

Beyond Soil Care Project Impact Survey June 2013

Soil Health Community Survey Report GB CMA Nov 12

Review of Soil Health  for GB CMA Report 

Review of the GB Soil Health Action Plan Feb 2012

SoilCare project reports

The following reports were produced by groups who received funding thorugh the SoilCare project funded by the Australian Government.

Compost trial 2016/17 - Australian Processing Tomato Research Council

Cover crops on permanent beds irrigated via sub-surface drip irrigation - Australian Processing Tomato Research Council

Species cover cropping project - Vic No-Till

Greater than Gold, the research for better soil health in Graytown and Costerfield by Graytown – Costerfield Landcare Group


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