Funded community group projects 2015 - 2016

The Goulburn Broken CMA relies on landholders, school children, community NRM groups (including Landcare groups, Conservation Management Networks, ‘Friends of…’ groups and others) and individuals to deliver programs across the Catchment that improve the health of our rivers and creeks, protect and improve habitat for native animals and plants, recognise the region’s cultural heritage and bring about practice change.

Efforts to boost the Catchment’s resilience lead to increasingly productive landscapes that will support the long-term viability of our communities in the face of constant change. To support the effort of the community undertaken activities, a broad range of grants (funded through a combination of State and Commonwealth programs) were provided to community organisations (Click on the link below for more details).

Activities funded included revegetation and regeneration of native vegetation, eradication and control of invasive plants and animals, support of capacity building initiatives and education and awareness raising activities.

Funded Community Group Projects 2015 - 2016