Funding agreements

Once projects are approved, all applicants will need to have an agreement with the Goulburn Broken CMA.

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Projects are approved by the CMA Board, and Commonwealth & State Ministers usually by August each year.

1. Agreements

Once projects are approved, all applicants will be advised in writing and will need to have an Agreement for the project with the Goulburn Broken CMA that outlines the funds approved, what the outputs for the project will be, timeframe of the project, project management requirements, final reporting and any other requirements.

2. Reporting

Groups and organisations are required to report on projects at reasonable intervals. For most community groups, an annual (or final report) is required. For larger projects and major partners, quarterly or six monthly reports are required. We aim to minimise the frequency of reports and the amount of information required to that which is absolutely essential.

3. Variations

Variations may be possible for some projects.  A variation request form is now included with agreement paperwork. The reason for the variation, the current unspent funds and the alternate outputs and/or new project finish date should be included in your request.