Draft Regional Floodplain Management Strategy

The public comment period on the draft Goulburn Broken Regional Floodplain Management Strategy is now closed.

 Feedback is now being reviewed. The final strategy is due to be released early next year once it has been signed off by the local councils and other stakeholders invovled in its development and approved by the Department of Envionment, Land, Water and Planning.

The draft strategy focuses on:

  • improving community resilience;
  • managing flood risks; and
  • protecting the environmental and cultural values of floodplains.  

Community access to shared flood information has been identified in the strategy as a major priority to help people prepare for living on a floodplain. The actions to do this will be delivered through four broad program themes: Flood Mitigation, Total Flood Warning Systems, Land-use Planning and Municipal Flood Emergency Plans.

Draft Goulburn Broken Regional Floodplain Management Strategy