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Victorian Landcare Grants (VLG)

Victorian Landcare Grants are a major component of the Victorian Landcare Program Strategic Plan.

The Victorian Landcare Grants (VLG) support Landcare and other community-based natural resource management groups to protect and restore the Victorian landscape. The Victorian Landcare Grants are delivered through the State's 10 Catchment Management Authorities by funding:
•on-ground works that deliver on local, regional and State priorities
•capacity building activities for land stewardship and on-ground change
•projects that promote innovation through experimental trials and pilot programs
•start-up funding (for new groups & networks) and maintenance grants and to ensure a strong Landcare base across the State
•opportunities to promote Landcare and increase membership and volunteer numbers

Annual Delivery Programs
Each year the Goulburn Broken CMA receives funding from the State Government under the Victorian Landcare Grants Program. This funding is distributed to the local groups and networks to undertake State, regional and local priority projects improving the health of our catchment. See below for details of funded projects:

NOTE: These projects are derived from Expression of Interest applications that are submitted to the GBCMA annually.

Expression of Interest (EOI) Funding for Groups and Organisations