Community Natural Resource Management

Community Natural Resource Management (NRM) is a community-based approach to fixing environmental problems and protecting the future of our natural resources.

The works and activities of Community NRM strongly contribute to the management of natural resources within the GBCMA and significantly assists in the delivery of the Regional Catchment Strategy. The groups we include as “Community Natural Resource Management” Groups include Landcare, conservation management, sustainable farming, environment groups and 'friends of' networks operating in the GBCMA. The Goulburn Broken CMA does not delineate or favour any of these groups over the other. 


What is Community Natural Resource Management?

Community Natural Resource Management (NRM) is a community-based approach to fixing environmental problems and protecting the future of our natural resources.

Communication Templates for Community Groups

Projects supported through the Goulburn Broken CMA and funded by the Australian Government, have requirements that need to be met regarding communications and publications and events.

Community NRM in the Goulburn Broken Catchment

In 1986 the first Landcare groups formed in the catchment as a community action addressing land degradation such as soil erosion.

Landcare, Landcare Groups and Grants

Landcare is a national community volunteer program aiming to improve land, water and environment.

Regional Landcare Facilitator

The Goulburn Broken CMA is proud to host the Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) program. RLF’s are located in each of the natural resource management regions across Australia where they promote the uptake of sustainable farm and land management practices. They also establish, assist and develop community Landcare and production groups, so that those groups can help share information and provide support to farmers and other land managers to meet challenges, such as, climate change.

Victorian Landcare Grants (VLG)

Victorian Landcare Grants are a major component of the Victorian Landcare Program Strategic Plan.

Community NRM Report Card

In an attempt to understand the level of works delivery, current issues, health and needs for support, the Goulburn Broken CMA compiles the Community NRM Report Card on an annual basis.


“As a motivated and enthusiastic community we will achieve sustainable and productive agriculture and protection and enhancement of the catchment natural resources.”

The goals of the Community NRM Action Plan

Through community consultation and discussion five clear goals emerged. These goals are intermediate outcomes - or stepping stones - towards achieving the vision as articulated by Community NRM groups, and align closely to the delivery of the Goulburn Broken Regional CS.

  • Functioning and enthusiastic Community groups that are part of catchment NRM projects
  • Development and enhancement of long term partnerships
  • Motivated community leaders taking up leadership positions in NRM and catchment management
  • Improved knowledge base in the community on NRM and new and emerging NRM issues
  • Adoption of Best Management Practice by land managers

 Community NRM Action Plan 2013 - 2018.