Bunbartha, Kaarimba, Zeerust Local Area Plan

Vision: A vibrant dynamic community living in a healthy natural environment.

Mission Statement:

A vibrant proud community:

  • Conserving and using our land and water by responsible sustainable farming practices with sound planning for the future.
  • Protecting and enhancing our native flora and fauna resources.
  • Enhancing lifestyle and quality of life.

Area: 32,306 hectares

Launched: Friday 5th December 2003

Issues covered in the plan:

  • Natural assets on public land
  • Agricultural Sustainability
  • Natural environment
  • Waste management/pollution
  • Pestplants and animals
  • Local community
  • Infrastructure
  • Cultural heritage


  • In 2003 held a successful irrigation field day looking at improving water use efficiency.
  • Working with City of Greater Sheppartonto revegetate suitable roadsides in the area.
  • Successfully lobbied for a new mobile phone tower in the area to improve reception.
  • Successful in obtaining funding for a weeds awareness campaign in the area.

Priorities for the future:

  • Implement a weed awareness campaign in the area and follow up encouraging on ground works.
  • Establish a functional Local Area Plan Implementation Committee which best suits local needs.
  • Continue roadside revegetation efforts.
  • Develop a direct seeding demonstration site and promote as an alternative form of revegetation.

Contact: Local Area Plan - Implementation Officer DPI Tatura (03) 5833 5222

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