Local Area Planning

A Local Area Plan is a plan complied by the community containing concerns and awareness of environmental and social issues and future economic sustainability of a specified area. The plan includes barriers and solutions to these issues.

Local Area Plans have been described as a ‘road map’- an up to date, yet long term, chart of information to enable anyone at any time to understand how to overcome land and water management issues.

What will Local Area Planning achieve?

The plans endeavour to:

  • Identify problem areas and instigate solutions that are achievable,
  • Set direction for the community so we work more effectively toward the same result,
  • Bring together agencies and community representatives to agree about actions to ensure a more efficient allocation of resources,
  • Prioritise areas of need and accelerate on-ground works,
  • Clearly define “who should do what” to achieve results,
  • Provide a basis for negotiations with various agencies in order to make funding submissions for future projects,
  • Improve on what we currently have to become an example to others and to,
  • Encourage enthusiasm in the area's youth.

Local Area Planning Areas

Map of Local Area Planning areas. Click an area below to select.

Below this map are enlargements of the eight Local Area Planning areas. Click one of these links to view information on the area.

Nathalia & District LAP
Area: 113850 ha

Muckatah Katamatite Nariganingalook LAP
Area: 38731 ha



Wyuna LAP
Area: 23078 ha

Invergordon LAP
Area: 14387 ha



Nanneella & District LAP
Area: 22205 ha

Bunbartha, Kaarimba & Zeerust LAP
Area: 32306 ha



Cornella LAP
Area: 47616 ha

Dhurringile & District LAP
Area 29360 ha