Muckatah Katamatite Naringaningalook Local Area Plan17 April 2014Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority

Muckatah Katamatite Naringaningalook Local Area Plan

Vision: “To conserve our heritage and work cooperatively for a sustainable environment through best management practices of our diverse land uses.”

Area: 38,700 Hectares

Launched: To be launched middle of 2004, The plan is currently been finalised by the community planning group.

Issues covered in the plan:

  • Public Utilities

  • Water Management

  • Communication Processes

  • Irrigation

  • Pests and weeds

  • Natural features

  • Community

  • Promotion

Priorities for the future:

  • Rehabilitation & raising community awareness of Muckatah Depression. The project includes the planting along the depression/ drain and regeneration the surrounding area.
  • Protection and Enhancement of the Peter Kennedy Reserve. The reserve is crown land and is Plains Grassy woodlands. The Muckatah Landcare group is going to enhance the reserve to its natural state.
  • The control and education of Paterson’s Curse and other problem weeds within the catchment.

Contact: Local Area Plan - Implementation Officer DPI Cobram 58710 600

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